Thursday, June 21, 2007


Hi, I thought I would stop in for a minute. Aren't unexpected visits nice? I haven't always thought so, but I must say, if I let myself slow down and get out of myself, I really enjoy having friends and/or family stop in. I used to have one of those lives that was constantly populated by many people. I always had someone stopping in or leaving or calling- it was very busy. I thought that it offered up some kind of testimony to what an amazing person I am, but lately I am looking at it from a very different point of view. What if it was simply a matter of being afraid to be alone with myself? What if it was just so much easier to avoid the things within me that needed to be faced if I kept all kinds of other people around?
Of course, I can also very easily fall into isolating myself as well. I think that is one of the things I really love about writing. It is a solitary pursuit, and it is supposed to be. In fact, if one is good enough at it, it is quite easy to simply say, "Oh no, I don't think I can have any company today, I am writing!" (Did you read that with a rather snobby voice, because I certainly did!!) Anyway, there is a huge difference between isolating and being comfortable in our own skin. I am learning to like myself. I am starting to appreciate me. I am realizing that if I can love and appreciate myself, I won't need to ever again be desperate for someone else to do that for me.

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