Thursday, June 21, 2007


Hi there! I hope that you are well today! Today, I am pondering affirmations. Likely, we have all heard of affirmations. They are positive statements that we say to ourselves to motivate us, light us up, feed our internal selves so we become all that we have wanted to be. In the past I have tended to "poo-poo" affirmations. They just seemed so silly. I couldn't understand what possible good could come from me looking in a mirror and telling myself what a wonderful woman I am. After all, why should I listen to my opinion? My opinion didn't seem to be the one that mattered. What mattered was your opinion of me! Well, guess what I have been doing lately? That's right, affirmations. I found a wonderful website that has affirmations, prayers and meditations. Can I tell you? Well, here goes-- Debbie Ford is a life coach who is currently on ABC's The Ex Wives Club on Monday nights at 8:00 central time. I really connected with some of the things she said on the program and I went online and wha-la! there she was. Today, I encourage you to check out her website. Listen to some of the affirmations, start doing them three times a day for the next 28 days and watch what happens to the inside of yourself. I am on this 28 day journey myself. Join me and see if you love it as much as I do.
Time for me to go get my three gorgeous grandchildren and bring them to Grandma's for a bit. Have a wonderful evening and I will talk to you later!

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