Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dealing with the Heartaches

So often life will throw us a curve and that is when we find out just how far we really have gotten on our spiritual journey. I have a family member who battled cancer last fall and just when we thought he was on the winning end of things, he found out yesterday the cancer has returned and is in his bones. The prognosis is very dim.
How can one accept this news and continue to journey on in the expectation of new thought, new life, new energy, new birth? It seems that when we need encouragement and strentgh the very most is exactly when it is so difficult to believe.
What then shall we say to those with this tragic news. "I'm sorry" is woefully inadequate. I cannot offer platitudes of "Everything will be all right" because it is likely not true. So , together we weep and share and hold one another and do all that we are able to strengthen and life each other up.
So, bring on the light of life. Bring on the newness of dawn! Bring forth all the powers that be to fight the demons that should not. Bring hope and peace and miracles. We will accept them all.

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