Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Do you write for print or strictly online?

Many freelancers make a serious living writing for the Internet. In fact, that is the main source that I write for. There is never a shortage of people who need work done on the Internet. With over a gazillion sites online- and growing- there will always be work online. I love the variety of working online. I can write articles one day, a sales page the next and then move on to press releases. It never gets boring- I always say I write about everything from acne to aerobics and that is certainly true.

I must admit, however, that I do have an itch to see my name in real live print. I've recently written an article to be submitted to a trade magazine. Now, granted, that baby was ghostwritten, so my name is nowhere to be found, but if it gets published, then I will have a bit more encouragement to shoot for another.

So, how about you? Do you write for the Internet or do you write for print? Both, maybe? Tell me about it- we all love encouragement!

Speak soon,

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mind Movies snafu

Hey, I just wanted to post a quick note here in case you tried to order your Mind Movies yesterday. Apparently they were having some major shopping cart issues and orders just weren't coming through properly. I've talked with these guys, and I really don't think this is just some "scarcity hype" or marketing technique. I heard from a few folks who were plenty ticked that they couldn't get though.
Things are up and running- and if you haven't ordered yet, you're in for a treat. They've added the chance to win a trip for two to Maui. Nice bonus, right? So here's the link to the bonus page:

PLUS, they have extended their special launch discount of
50% off and all $3K of their bonuses until 11pm CST or
MIDNIGHT EST on Friday, September 19th.

So here's the bottom line...

You should definitely get yours while the getting is good!

Here's you go...

All this for $97, and now you could win a $5K trip to Maui too?

You really should be doing this immediately.



P.S. Almost forgot to mention, you'll also get an instant
download of a very cool meditation CD when you enter the
Maui contest. I hope you'll soon be stocking up on sun
tan lotion! Get ALL of the goodies, right here... Go right now!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Do you need to build your list?

I'm evaluating a
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Here's all you

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I'll let you know what I think of it once I've had a
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while it's still free.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My New Writing Space

This morning as I drank my coffee and ran through some of my favorite blogs, I stopped in at Writer Mama ( to enter into Christina Katz's contest and I read this post about your ideal office spot.

My office is in my kitchen, like many of us, but I had built myself into a little office prison. My desk faced the window- sort of- but mostly it faced the wall, with my back to the room. I thought this set up would cause me to block out the rest of the world. Today I figured out that sometimes when we try to hard to block others out, what we wind up doing is blocking ourselves in. This isn't a wise idea- trust me.

I started freelancing because I loved the freedom it gave me. Lately though as my self- imposed walls got higher and higher with books I want to read and research I needed to file, invoices, bills to pay, receipts for stuff, a magazine or two, CDs, DVDs, stuff and other stuff, I started losing all of my freedom.

I live in a duplex with my oldest daughter and her family downstairs and my teenager and I upstairs. I love living here because we all have our own space, yet we can hang together whenever we want. The problem was, as my work space turned into a prison of paper I always felt like I had so much work to do I couldn't take any time off. Except, I would sit at my desk and get lost in the chaos and not get things done anyway.

Bottom line- I told my daughter Kaity that I needed to organize my office and she jumped at the opportunity to come up and help me. We rearranged my desk so I see out into the room, got rid of a bunch of excess stuff in the room, put some things away in other places and turned my office into a real office that is open, and pretty and functional and so freakin' loaded with peace and serenity that I can't stop smiling.

WOW! Is your workspace a beautiful place to be in? Can you breathe? Get rid of your self imposed walls and open up your space. After all, isn't that why you became a freelancer in the first place?

Thanks Christina, you Writer Mama, for the inspiration. Thanks to my daughter Kaity for being so very amazing. Thanks to Kelsey and Trevor and Hailey for letting me be the luckiest Grandma in the whole wide world because I am YOUR Grandma.

Happy Grandparents Day to everyone! If you aren't a grandparent yet, you have one. If you don't, well, find someone to tell thank you and go enjoy your freelancing life.