Friday, June 20, 2008

Aren't you glad to be a freelance writer?

Hi there-

I just wanted to take a minute and ask you this one question, "Aren't you glad to be a freelance writer?" I know I sure am. It's funny, but I've had several jobs I have enjoyed over the years, but never one that I enjoyed more than what I am doing right now. I started freelancing at age 45 and I've been at it for about a year or so now. In April, I left my full-time job and started working full-time at my freelancing business. I write mostly articles- on practically every topic imaginable. No, they aren't rocket science (although, who knows- even rocket scientists need content!) but I do research everything I write about so that I'm providing a reasonably intelligent viewpoint. I know where to put the commas, most of the time, and I can spell most words, so hey, what's not to love?

I have to admit, though, just between us, that I really do like the ego boost part of things, too! I've had clients use words like "terrific" "fantastic" and "talented" and every time someone does, it sure makes me smile. To think I can make a living doing the thing I love the most- and develop a reputation for being good at it is surely a dream come true. I love the way people consider you an expert when they hear that you write content for the Internet. Heck, I even named my business "Write About Everything" because I love the pun of it all! (Oh, man, that was lame!)

So, here's the thought for the day: think about all the reasons you love being a freelance writer and then come back here and tell me about it. If you aren't writing, then give me three good reasons why not!

Have a great weekend!

Oh yeah, I like the money part, too!


L. Shepherd said...

I love it because I actually get to express myself the way that I want to. At least, sometimes. Working for someone else is often too confining because everything has to be done according to someone else's vision.

Teresa said...

I agree wholeheartedly! When we work on our own projects or have clients that we have built a relationship with, we do get to use our own vision! I find that the more I allow my creativity to flow, the easier that becomes, don't you?

Sue LaPointe said...

What's not to love?!

- portable
- always something new and interesting
- get to use my brain
- client gratitude
- money!

And more and more, the joy of knowing other writers who are making a go of it, too!

They call this a job?

I overheard a Starbucks manager a few days ago during his team meeting. The details about washing dishes, entering and exiting the store, stocking the pastries... ugh. Now THAT's a job!

Teresa said...

I hear you, Sue! My most recent job other than writing has been caring for developmentally disabled adults. I love my clients, but cleaning up after adults who don't understand toileting and basic hygiene is definitely not my idea of fun! At least when my writing stinks, I can just hit the delete button! :-)