Friday, November 2, 2007

Hitting the BIg Time!!

Well, this is it! I have hit the big time, sorta anyway. Sue LaPointe- who is definitely square into the big time- knows me by name and even let me review her new book, Working Writer Happy Writer, and today, I got a personal email from Peter Bowerman- the Well Fed Writer himself- woo hoo, can you believe it. I ordered a couple of Peter's books, (cuz they're the best) and he dropped me a note and commented that he liked the name of my business- which, of course, is Write About Everything! He actually liked it. I feel a little like Sally Field did at the Academy Awards that one year- "You like me, you really really like me!"

Anyway, business is going good- picking up new gigs all the time. I still pinch myself a couple times a day in order to make sure its really happening. I will be ready to drop down in hours at my "out of the house" job soon- although I may wait until after Christmas!
Hope all is well with all of you. Stop in at the Writer's Cafe this weekend- its the place to be. Scroll down a couple of posts and you'll find the link to the Writer's Cafe and to Sue's new book also. Here's Peter Bowerman's link:
Have a great weekend!

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