Saturday, October 27, 2007

Today is a new day!

Hi everyone,

Well, today is an exciting new day. I want to tell you about the release of a new book that I have had the awesome privlege to review and put into action. The book is titled "Working Writer, Happy Writer" by Sue LaPointe. Sue is a freelance writer who started her own business a little more than a year ago and since that time she has moved up to the # 5 ranked writer (out of hundreds) on She has written a book that details everything she did to start a writing business from nothing to making over $5,000 a month in six months time. I was fortunate enought to review this book for Sue and put it into action. My own writing business "Write About Everything" is taking off and becoming a reality. This has been a dream of mine that I honestly never thought would take shape and take off. Thanks to Sue and this amazing book, it has.

If you have ever thought of starting your own writing business, this is the first book you need to read. Read it, do it, and succeed. It really is that simple.

Here's the link to Sue's book:

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