Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sometimes You're UP and Sometimes, well . . .

Hi Everyone!
I've been so busy this past couple of weeks, it has been difficult to get here. But, I made up my mind today was the day.
Great news! I got the book AND the job. The book is fabulous and as soon as it is released to the general public, you really need to get it. If you have ever thought you might be ready to start your own freelance writing business, I am here to tell you, Sue LaPointe is the real deal. What I love about the book is that the author allows the reader to feel incredibly optomistic about the reality of starting up a business, without pumping sunshine you know where! It is easy to read and SO easy to relate to. If I knew what Sue knows, this is the book I would have wanted to write. I will keep you updated. Here's the link to her site. Start with her newsletter and then snoop around a bit. She's got some good stuff! http://www.workingwriterhappywriter.com/
I also got a gig. I already wrote one article and I am waiting for more. I also answered several job board SEO postings, so hopefully I can pick up some regular ongoing work here. I am ready!

We've been faced with the idea and the reality of losing family members in my family this week. We had a big benefit dinner and silent auction for my brother-in-law who has cancer. To our deep sadness, the day before the benefit, we lost our sister-in-law. We leave today for the services. My heart breaks for my older brother who has lost his love and my little sister who has been losing hers for a year now.

So, we say our good-byes as we say our "don't go yet"s and through it all we get each other through it just like always. Thank God for families. They could never break our hearts so much if they didn't give us so much love and joy. We miss you Jan! We aren't letting go, David!
We will pray and we will eat scalloped potatoes and ham in the basement of a small town church that will be saying goodbye too soon to one of the most amazing women I have ever known.
Then we will return back here and tell ourselves that NOW things will be settled down and a little less chaotic.

Then I remember I am starting my own business and my three grandchildren are under 10 and underfoot. They live downstairs from my apartment. It is the most wonderful living arrangement I have ever had. I want it to last forever. Of course it won't. Perhaps it shouldn't. It will not be less chaotic. ever. really.

I will see you on the end of the week.

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