Sunday, September 16, 2007

An Observation

Tonight is September 16,2007 , (very early morning, actually) and I choose it as a turning point. On September 11, I responded to the opportunity to possibly be chosen for an early release of a very exciting book regarding my own home freelance writing business: Write About Everything Tonight I received an email from Sue LaPointe, the author, telling me I was invited to preview her book. I am thrilled. As I thought about it, I knew her name sounded so very familiar to me, but I could not place where. As I scoured through my PC, I saw that I had applied for work writing for her website on August 31. With a stroke of boldness that will either employ me or really make me look like an ass, I attached a copy of my questionnaire that she had sent me and re-sent it to Sue with a note of "aha". I certainly hope she doesn't feel it was some sort of a ploy, but rather an honest attempt to get the job. Karma, destiny, providence, God - I hope that I get the job AND the know how to get my business up and going. What better start??
Mark the day.

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