Friday, August 29, 2008

MasterMind Group

Have you joined a mentoring group or a MasterMind group yet? It seems everyone has one and some of them are really pricey. I was fortunate enough to join one that is very reasonable and filled with awesome surprises! Just the other day, we were fortunate enough to speak with Peter Bowerman, of Well-Fed Writer fame. He had some wisdom and encouragement to share and it was a great time. If you get an opportunity to join a MasterMind group, just do it. Having other writers to share with and learn from is a great experience. You also can gain some awesome support! Check out to find out about the writer I learn from- Sue LaPointe. Sue is exceedingly generous with her time and her insight. The current group is filled, but see if you can get on a list for next time!
Have a great day!


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