Sunday, August 31, 2008

Do you read Men With Pens?

So, do you get lost in the blog game? You know, you read one and like it so now you have to go read everyone else's blog too? I swear up and down that I won't succumb to the blog world, but then I catch myself doing it anyway. I think it's a matter of finding the good ones that really teach something. Finding the ones where you learn as much from the comments as you do from the series. Men With Pens is that sort of blog. Whenever I head over there, I lose time. There is just so much really good stuff there- and read the comments, WOW!

I struggle with deciding what my niche is. I know I like to write on a comfortable, casual level- like this. I can research well, but it's a bit time consuming, as I tend to over research. I write a lot of articles and my clients are always happy with me. I want to write something where I make better money. Web copy? Is it different? Check out this series that Men in Pens did last May. It really helps to clarify some questions.

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